OpenProj hits beta ... could this be a real Microsoft Project Alternative

August 6 2007

I read on the Project blog this morning about OpenProj. This is an open source alternative to Microsoft Project.


While it looks very much like a clone of MS Project, it strips down some of the complexity from the interface and makes some common tasks easier (viewing a stacked resource graph for example). It opened my MS existing MS Project 2003 .xml files with no visible problems - though even MS Project has some quirks in handling .xml files, so it will pay to double check this before using for a real schedule. I think this is the first MS Project viewer which will really make inroads against MS Project. This is true for a number of reasons:
  • It is free
  • Look and feel similar to Project (maybe too similar... but let the lawyers decide)
  • File compatibility
  • Ability to edit and create schedules
  • Cross-platform compatibility (Mac users will rejoice after being denied the latest versions of Microsoft Project)
I tried it out this morning and I was impressed. It uses the Java Web Start technology. No install. Worked from IE, Firefox, and on a mac. (I used Firefox on the Mac to try it). It opened my Project files without much trouble and the files I saved with it opened in MS Project 2007 perfectly. This would be a total replacement for Microsoft Project ... if we could get an automation language that I can call from LotusScript :-)

Nice work for a beta. Try it out.

3 Responses to “OpenProj hits beta ... could this be a real Microsoft Project Alternative”

  1. 1) Luis Guirigay says:

    Nice tool, I already installed and started to work with it. I can finally uninstall Steelray Project Viewer. By the way, the link to OpenProj has a typo.

  2. 2) John Head says:

    thanks Luis ... fixed the typo

  3. 3) Tibi says:

    OpenProj is no longer developed since it was bought by Serena. Instead RationalPlan is a much better alternative to MS Project:

    { Link }

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