Updates: Technical Issues, Proposed IP Resolution Discussion Extenstion

June 25 2009

I made two posts in the IP Working Group forum I wanted to make everyone aware of:

Technical Issues we are working on

Here is the current bug list:

1. fix login issues with Safari (this might be a webkit issue so it could effect Chrome as well)
2. fix the time out issue on the XPages forums
3. fix the CSS where stuff does not display correctly

There are some feature requests like just showing top level topics, but those will come later.

We are actively working on these three issues and will have them solved by Monday AM US time. We are even looking at backup plans to roll back the forum to domBulletin - whatever it takes to get the problems solved.

I will update this thread as we have more information to communication. Thanks for you patience.

IP Proposed Resolutions - Extending the Discussion Period
I am going to extend the time period for discussion on the Proposed Resolutions and NOT bring them to the Steering Committee for vote on 7.2.2009. I will give everyone until the following SC meeting (which will be no later than 7.16.2009).

I know the technical issues are keeping people out of the discussion. I do not want there to be anyone who uses these technical issues as a reason for not contributing.

I have updated the Proposed Resolution posting to reflect this

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