IP and Governance Working Group Annoucements - Discussion Open and Scheduled Presentation and Discussion

June 2 2009

Two announcements around the IP and Governance Working Group this morning.

First, the IP and Governance Working Group discussion is now open for business. I have created some entries in there, including this overview:

I would like to thank everyone up-front for participating in the IP Working Group. This working group is made up of members of the steering committee and anyone who is a project owner. Anyone can read this forum, but we will limit participation to the group (note: for the time being, anyone can contribute in the forum until allows for limiting these areas. That will happen in the near future).

Currently, there are two officers for the IP Working Group:

John Head - Steering Committee Member and IP Working Group Chairmen - PSC Group, LLC
Peter Tanner - Legal Administrator - IBM

We will add more roles to the Working Group as the Steering Committee defines more structure around the Working Groups.

With the launch of the IP Working Group, has charged us with taking on the following issues:

1. Copyright Education
2. Company Alliance Documentation
3. Employee Copyright Waivers
4. Code/Projects Workflow and free form vs. controlled containers
5. Licensing Selection

I will start threads here in the forum for each topic, but we are going to have two conference calls to present some initial ideas and start the discussion. The first call will be on June 12th, 2009 at 11 AM Eastern Daylight Time. I will post the call and on-line meeting info soon. The slides and recording will be posted on-line and linked to in the forum.

The goal is to craft resolutions on each topic that will be taken in front of the Steering Committee for voting. If they pass, then the implementation of these will become the responsibility of the Technical Committee. I am shooting for having the first set of resolutions ready for the Steering Committee meeting the week of June 18th, 2009.

My only request is that we keep this discussion positive. The goal of what I am calling " 2.0" is to grow the site beyond what it is today to allow IBM to actively participate and attract new contributors and consumers. There will be change - standing still is not an option. I will do everything I can to make sure all the voices are heard and the most comprehensive resolutions that meet the mission of are what head to the Steering Committee.

I look forward to working with all of you.


Anyone who is a registered user can read and comment in that discussion as of right now. Note: that current allows folks who are not part of the Working Group to comment on the discussion. Since we do not have a group in the Directory that lists just project owners, we decided to open the conversation to anyone registered. That will change when the Technical Committee implements the groups we need - and I will make sure to let everyone know about that change. The Steering Committee decided it was more important to get the conversation started then wait for the technical changes.

Second, we have scheduled our first IP and Governance Working Group conference call:
Announcement: IP Working Group Conference Call - June 12th, 2009 11 AM EDT

The IP Working Group will be having a conference call to present our initial thoughts on the following topics:

1. Copyright Education
2. Company Alliance Membership
3. Employee Copyright Waivers
4. Repository Workflow

Call information and web conference data to be posted later

Anyone who is eligible for the IP Working Group may attend. That includes all members of the Steering Committee and anyone who is a Project Chef.

I look forward to seeing you all on the call.

I have turned off commenting on this blog entry. I just want to keep the conversation in the discussion forum and use my blog just to make sure the announcements are heard by all.