Intellectual Property (IP) Working Group has been formed UPDATED

May 25 2009

Now that a short version of the meeting minutes from the first Steering Committee meeting have been posted, I can talk a bit about this. I have been elected to be the chair of the working group - but what does that mean?

So a couple of quick explanations. Work Groups are created by the Steering Committee so that topics can be discussed. The Working Group will then bring resolutions to the Steering Committee for a vote. If the vote passes, the Technical Committee will be asked to implement the resolution or whatever action needs to take place if it is not a technical item. We have two working groups right now - Intellectual Property (IP) and Strategy.

There will be a blog post about what the IP Working Group is going to cover first - and how - on the blog later this week - but expect a conference call with presentation sometime the week of June 1st. As you can see in the brief meeting minutes, anyone who is a registered user of has contributed to can participate in the IP Working Group. There will be no exclusion for anyone who is a current or past participant in in the discussion around IP topics.

On a personal note - I am super excited to get this process underway and to let everyone have their opinion heard. We have so much work to do - and a short time to do it. I will do everything to come up with the best IP strategy for - but I will need everyone's help. But please - come to the table with an open mind!

Expect more details after the next Steering Committee meeting later this week.

Update 5.26.2009 8:38 CDT: Got one thing wrong and an update on another. The IP Working Group is limited to anyone who has contributed to, not all registered members. That is the Strategy Working Group. My mistake. And as for the IP Working Group Discussion that Ulrich found - I got access to that literally seconds after I posted that I did not :-) There will be an discussion forum on the site for all members of the Working Group (Steering Committee Members and all contributors to shortly - infrastructure just not all in place yet. Give us some time folks - we met Thursday and Monday was a US holiday. We will get there.

5 Responses to “ Intellectual Property (IP) Working Group has been formed UPDATED”

  1. 1) Ulrich Krause says:

    >> anyone who is a registered user of can participate in the IP Working Group.

    hmm, obviously not anyone :-)

    Ulrich Krause, you are not authorized to access internal/workinggroupip.nsf.

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Ulrich - nothing on the site has been announced or completed for the working groups. Yes, you will see something there eventually, but we are not waiting for the WG functionality on before starting the discussion phase. Don't read anything into not being able to access that database - I can't either.

  3. 3) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    Mr. Chairman, a correction: There *IS* a restriction on who can participate in the IP Working Group. You have to have been a past CONTRIBUTOR. Being a registered user isn't enough if you didn't publish content into a project or the CodeBin.

    I don't think anyone else would care, really. But in the event that a consumer of OpenNTF content who has never published wanted to participate -- that is against the charter of the working group.

    From the minutes: "Resolved that IP Working Group would be limited to Alliance member representatives and any past or current project contributor. (ie: Project Chefs) "

  4. 4) Rob McDonagh says:

    Hey John, Congrats on the progress, and I know you're the right guy to run with the IP stuff. Quick question, knowing that I am a unique edge case and nobody else will care about this: will any of the OpenNTF contribution methods, including the various boards and the code bin, be open to someone who cannot provide the indemnity notification we've discussed? In other words, should I pay attention to this stuff, or am I wasting my time because I'd have to get a new employer in order to participate?

    Regardless, keep up the good work.

  5. 5) John Head says:

    Rob - everything is on the table right now, so you should participate. My hope is that we can have an area anyone can publish to and a second repository that goes thru some form of workflow, with the employee copyright waiver being one of those items. But that is all talk at this point. Please participate.

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