Office 12 is Dead, Long Live 2007 Microsoft Office System

February 16 2006

Today Microsoft announced that Office 12 was a code name. 2007 Microsoft Office System is the official name to the upgrade to Microsoft Office System 2003.

First, some resources for you:

Now some comments:
  • Frontpage is Dead (Yes, I read the support until 2008). Say hello to Microsoft Office Sharepoint Designer 2007 and Microsoft Expression Web Designer. They have split out the functionality. It makes sense from a function stand point, but just means we have two tools to install and use
  • We now have 7 Office "Suites" or packages, 15 Office Applications, 5 Office Servers, 2 Office CALs (Client Access Licenses), 3 Web Access applications, 3 Office Services, and 4 System solutions. Wow. that is a lot to keep track off and maintain.
  • 2007 Microsoft Office System will be the first version of Office to include Groove technology. It should be interesting to see what changes were made

Not complaining above, just sharing information. Looks like a lot of work was done.

One complaint:
  • I have Microsoft Office Word 2007 which I get from 2007 Microsoft Office System. Can that be any more confusing? I thought IBM had the market cornered on confusing product names!


The 2007 Microsoft Office System Beta 2 release should be out soon. I am looking forward to checking this out and seeing how much of my automation code needs to be reworked :)