Notes 8 is out in the wild

March 10 2007

"CRY HAVOC! and release the dogs of war!"


Today feels like the general just let the machines of war out of the gates :-)

IBM has released the public beta of Notes and Domino 8 to the masses .. the machines are prepped for their greatest battle. Get your copy (but be patient with the dowloads ... going to be busy and slow all weekend) now.

As a Design Partner, I have had some version of the pre-releases of Notes and Domino 8 installed since September 2006. I will try to share some tips and stuff that I can (NDAs still apply for quite a bit).

I think some ground rules are in order for all of us ...

1. Its beta ... it is not done. Deal with it.
2. Performance will get better ... performance tuning starts now. DO NOT use the public beta as proof of how it will run
3. You install this in a production environment, do not bitch if it breaks. Come on folks, its beta. Beta's should never go in a production environment. What I do is run Notes 8 in a VM and Domino 8 on a separate server.
4. Please, stop the complaints about no Mac in the beta ... it was announced at Lotusphere. IBM has to focus to get things done well. 8.0.1 will be out before most companies are ready to move.
5. The most important ... folks, its March. The product is supposed to come out this summer. The feature list is locked :-) ... I am sure that everyone, including myself, can come up with wish list items. Making those suggestions is something IBM wants to hear. But do not expect to see them in 8.0.0. Public beta is about fine tuning ... little changes can be made, bugs can be fixed. We will help IBM meet the "if its a Notes application and it doesn't work, it's a bug" an accurate statement. Expecting anything more than a "that is a great idea, we will put it in the wish list bucket" response for new items is just a waste of time.

It should be a fun couple weeks as people get ramped up. And remember, test your applications! That is the best feedback we can all give IBM.