News you will hear from IBM tomorrow

January 21 2009

On Tuesday evening of Lotusphere2009, IBM tried a new approach with press announcements by hosting a blogger event. Almost two full days after the Opening Session, IBM had been holding a few announcements for Wednesday. They are:

  1. That IBM was working to implement ActiveSync support in Lotus Traveler in a 2009 release of the Domino product - this was demonstrated in two different session
  2. A recap on the Sametime 8.5 release which includes a rebuilt rich and web client for meetings
  3. Lotus Foundations Remote Office with full support of additional servers in an existing Domino Domain

Both news items 1 and 3 were not news but the format of a formal Q&A was appreciated by the bloggers in the room. Most of us are not formal journalists but members of the community. We were treated like press. It really showed how IBM is trying to embracing the blogging community.

After the announcements we saw a demo of a prototype of Foundations working together with Xerox software and copier/scanner technology. Talk about some killer stuff there!

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