New PSC Hosted Blog: LotusCube ... Все о программных продуктах IBM

April 7 2008

Everyone please welcome to the PSC hosted blog environment. I have no idea what the blog of Alex Debian (Alexander Lysenko) and Vasily Demin says ... because this is our first international, non-English hosted blog for the IBM Lotus community. The LotusCube site is entirely in Russian, minus a few English things like the tags and archives.

Welcome to both of you and to our new Russian readers!

A few more blog announcements coming shortly. With Adam moving to the Information Management team, expect something shortly about a new Sametime blog. I am also pushing for someone to take over the Domino Blog that Rob Ingram was so good about updating, since he left to join the Sametime team. And a couple of surprises in store for everyone as well :-)

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  1. 1) Alex Debian says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your announcement!

    Regards, Alex Debian

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