NATO officially recognizes cyberspace as domain for war

December 5 2016

I missed this announcement this summer, and from some quick searching, it seems most people missed it as well.

On June 14th, 2016, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization added cyberspace to the definition of war, adding them to land, sea, and air. Why is that important? Let me quote from the article:

Making cyberspace an official war zone means attacks carried out in that manner can trigger an Article 5 response, which is a collective action by the 28-member organization against the perpetrator of an incident aimed at any NATO-protected state. Before, only actions in traditional war frontiers -- land, sea or air -- had that potential.

Let that thought sink for a moment.

Given that I am reading this post the US-election and the accusations of Russia's hacking of the DNC, Hillary for America Campaign, and other potential hacks, could we see the US invoke Article 5 in the near future?