My retirement starts today

October 2 2014

As of 10 am today, I am officially no longer part of the elected Board of Directors. It’s the first time since the rebirth of in 2009 and elected officers that I am no longer participating. I made the decision a year ago to retire and it was the right call. I will miss and working with it actively, but I knew it was time to do something new. I have been really active with STEM in Chicago and a non-profit called Lumity, and I have to pick where I spend my time. is a passion for me. Something I truly believed in and was always happy to provide time for. I remember vividly when Bruce asked me for PSC to host the server. Mark Roden sits next to it every day in Schaumburg – I find it fitting that one of the leaders of the new Modern application movement in the ICS community sits next to one of the catalysts of that community from 2002. There is a lot of history with Watching Bruce and Nathan stir the pot. People coming and going. Successful projects. The rebirth/relaunch lead by Brent Peters in 2009. Being the figurehead and leader for the licensing effort & drama. Watching Nathan leave, and come back. And last year, seeing Bruce move on. It pleases me greatly that I was a small part of something bigger than any one person. will continue in some form long after I leave – or anyone else. plays a significant story in my career. I am incredibility lucky to have been involved in such a movement, organization, and mostly importantly – with the people. Thanks to everyone involved, especially Bruce, Nathan, Niklas and Vince. Good luck to the new board.