My humble suggestion to the IBM PM team: Please do XPages RDBMS before DDE for Mac

February 21 2011

Ed has continued the discussion about Domino Designer on (DDE) on a Mac today. He talks about how he is convinced it needs to be done, but asks at what cost? What gets left off the to-do list in place? There is some chatter about server work vs. DDE Mac. While I have never been part of the IBM triage process for deciding what goes in a release, from what I have heard, observed, and been told, there is usually a bucket for server, client, and DDE/Development. So I am going to go with the assumption that DDE for Mac and Domino Server improvements are different groups and won't compete with each other for resources.

So while I talked about DDE for Mac last week, I must say to all those at IBM listening, I would give up any further DDE platform support for RDBMS support. Allowing XPages to connect directly to JDBC or other third-party relational systems would be a major boon for the platform. XPages has the ability to become the middleware development platform for collaboration. Not being able to pull in data from other systems without a huge amount of work is a huge limitation in the product today. I know that Phil and Maureen and the rest of the XPages team has heard this. They know what we need. Please, make this one of the top development priorities (at the same time you do IMAP IDLE please).

And as much as I see how DDE on the Mac can help the product and address a new target of developer that we need to bring into the product community, having RDBMS support in XPages in Domino NEXT is CRITICAL. I personally think it is the #1 feature that can be in the next release of the product.