My bulleted list of what you care about in Notes/Domino 8.5.1

October 6 2009

The pieces you care about:

  • Domino Designer is now FREE for anyone - and its a pleasure to use
  • Traveler supports iPhone mail, calendar, task, and personal address book sync
  • XPages works locally in the Client
  • Lots of XPages and Composite Applications (CA) fixes and enhancements
  • Symphony toolkit with LotusScript and Java support
  • will get a bunch of the out-of-box templates donated. You can now officially use these templates as part of your projects - and have them committed to the catalog. This includes Vince's mail experience and much more.

What is your favorite feature in 8.5.1?

3 Responses to “My bulleted list of what you care about in Notes/Domino 8.5.1”

  1. 1) Andrew Pollack says:

    I really like the updated bookmark interface and jpg support for creating your own icons.

    Oh, wait...


  2. 2) John Head says:

    Andrew we will both be far older, and people will consider me old, when those happen :)

  3. 3) Greg Walrath says:

    Nice feature with the iPhone also picking up your tasks. I still don't get that (or notes) from Exchange on my iPhone.

    My favorite new feature is definitely the Kerberos-based SSO. Looking forward to telling my users they no longer need to log in to VanNET with a userid/password when they are on our network.

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