MWLUG 2016: Kathy & Shean talk Using Dashboards to Transform Application Data Visualization

August 1 2016

My colleges and fellow IBM Champions Kathy Brown & Shean McManus are giving this session at MWLUG 2016 in Austin on August 17-19th, 2016. Here is the abstract:

When you're driving a car, you need a lot of data quickly. How fast are you going? Are there any problems you need to address? Where do you get that data at a glance? Your dashboard, of course. All the info you need at your finger tips, easily understood. Your applications have a lot of data and important information, but can your users get to it quickly? Can they easily spot issues or know what they need to do right now? Shean and Kathy will take you for a test drive through some XPage application dashboards. They will demonstrate how to move away from email-driven tasks and buried information to show you how you can easily visualize your critical business data. Come see how an application can provide a visually striking, functional, and easy to use Data Visualization for common workflow actions, important info, charts, and key metrics. Put your users in the driver’s seat!

Look forward to seeing everyone in Austin!