MWLUG 2011: @Edbrill talks about Notes/Domino 8.5.4, Notes ’Next’, LotusLive Symphony, and the future of the Notes Basic Client

August 26 2011

Miss Ed Brill's session at MWLUG "IBM Messaging Update"? Since the room only held about 50 people, it is most likely you did. I has asked Ed earlier in the day if he was talking about anything new. He said probably not, just due to the timing of the conference vs the quarter. Made sense. Then I sat in his session and heard 4 topics where he talked publically in a fashion I have not heard before.

1. Notes & Domino 8.5.4 is coming in 2012

Ed talked about the next release of the product, 8.5.4. This will be primarily a maintenance release, in contrast to 8.5.1, 8.5.2, and 8.5.3. It will introduce some back-end services needed for the next news item.

2. Notes Next is coming in 2012 - and it won't be called 9

A feature pack is coming in 2012 that will bring the Project Vulcan and Social Business experiences to the Notes client. It will also elevate the web and mobile experience to be 1st class citizens in the client world. We got to see the current version of the UI - and it's very LotusLive looking. The big piece of info is that IBM has picked a name for this release. It's not 9. The name will most likely be announced at Lotusphere.

3. LotusLive Symphony coming in 2012 with an on premises version as well

IBM will be releasing their on-line collaborative editors in 2012 as part as LotusLive. That was no surprise. The big news is that there will be an on-premises version of this release next year as well. That means you can run the web editors on a server inside your firewall. Lotus Connections will most likely be the back-end server required to run this. Mitch Cohen asked me via Twitter if this meant Lotus Connections would get the embedded editors for content editing. Ed's answer was yes, but not likely in the first release.

4. The Future of the Notes Basic Client

One of the questions that Ed got was 'What is the future of the Notes Basic Client?" - the non- version of the Notes client. Ed said that it would still be present in 8.5.4 but would not get the new UI and functionality that the Notes Next (just like the Notes 8 Basic did not get DDE, XPages, or the Eclipse User Interface). But what surprised everyone was when he said that there was an internal research project to make the Notes Basic client work as a browser plug-in. This would allow Notes client applications (not composite apps or XPages) in a browser. He didn't go into details and was very clear that this was not a commitment to ship anything. But that is a great use of the Notes Basic client if it ever sees the light outside the IBM Research labs.

Thanks for all the info Ed!