Mitch Cohen gives the details on Lotus Connections and Domino LDAP

August 16 2007

Mitch Cohen, a IT professional at Colgate-Palmolive, is involved in many of the IBM betas. I have heard and seen Mitch at many of the beta and Design Partner events, and he knows his stuff. Mitch has detailed the process on how to make Lotus Connections work with Domino LDAP TODAY. Official Support is coming in Lotus Connections 1.0.2 this fall (October). Thanks Mitch!

On that note, just one comment. Many people have complained that Lotus Connections 1.0.0 did not ship with Domino LDAP support. Has anyone considered that a product designed to be attractive to non Domino shops had its first batch of PAYING customers with requirements for Tivoli and Active Directory? And why is that bad? I do not think it is.