Lotusphere 2011: Domino Applications Coming to the IBM Cloud

January 31 2011

One of the major announcements from IBM this week is that in 2011, IBM will add support for hosted Domino applications to the LotusLive. Ed blogged about the announcement that was covered in the OGS and his session this afternoon. Let's cover some highlights:

  • Public or Private Access
  • 3 Licensing models: free developer or test deployments, bring-your-own-license or pay-as-you-go licensing for production deployments.
  • Flexibility to have pay-as-you-go licensing in as little as hourly increments
  • Amazon's Elasticompute will get updated with updated images, credit car payment options and improved activation
  • IBM Lotus Domino Utility Server for LotusLive with support for the IBM Cloud and Amazon

I think it is important to notice that the mention of hosted apps is on the IBM Cloud, not LotusLive servers. While Notes client will have single sign-on because of the PKI, it will be interesting to see that if web applications launch with SSO or we need to wait for a SAML implementation.

I think the real winner here with this announcement are XPages applications and developers. The combination of really flexible licensing options and a new application only cloud Domino server should see a big increase in web-only apps. Imagine what applications like IdeaJam can do with this model. I think this is where the growth of XPages will explode.

I know that I have been one of the people hounding everyone at IBM that would listen, including Ed, about getting apps on LotusLive. I know that this may be different at the enterprise level, but when I talk to small and medium customers that are looking at the cloud, its an all or nothing move. They want to get rid of their entire data center over a period of time, not move just mail. Being able to have a complete story for mail and apps will help LotusLive compete head to head with the other options out there. In fact, I think that if we measure LotusLive growth for existing Notes/Domino customers a year after this goes live, we will see a huge increase. I think the combination of Domino apps on LotusLive attached to the XPages development mdoel is the single largest move IBM has made in the Notes / Domino space since IBM bought Lotus. Yes, I think this is bigger than the massive efforts of Notes 8.0, the creation of Traveler (which is the best migration protection feature of the product of all time), and more. I am very hopeful that this will have the impact that I am predicting, but the sales and marketing effort that goes along with this needs to be strong for success.

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