Lotusphere2009 Reflection - Lotus Symphony

January 24 2009

For me, Lotus Symphony had a break-out year at Lotusphere2009. Yes, I did some presentations around Lotus Symphony, so maybe my opinion was skewed, but what a year for Symphony. The 1.2 release that ships with Notes 8.5 (and stand-alone since December) is a rock solid release. The preview of the 1.3 features, including Office 2007 compatibility (reading of files), major enhancements to Pivot Tables (replacing the default Data Pilot from OpenOffice.org). and the LotusScript LSX that I previewed in BP110. For those that have not seen it, Symphony 1.3 will have the first version of a LotusScript API that is very familiar to Lotus Notes developers. At the same time, we will also get a Java API. Documents and Spreadsheets will get the most attention in the first release of the APIs coming in 1.3. Mail Merge, basic document operation, basic spreadsheet operation, charts, and pivot tables can be generated in Lotus Symphony from Notes. Presentations will get more attention in a future release.

I am super excited about Lotus Symphony in 2009 and I think the 1.3 and 2.X releases will give customers a great option to Office. Much more to come on my blog around Lotus Symphony in 2009.

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