Lotusphere2009 Innovation Lab Highlights

January 22 2009

Every year at Lotusphere2009, IBM Lotus sets aside an entire lab to showcase new and innovative projects that are going on in the IBM Research Labs around Lotus products. I make an effort to spend a good amount of time in the lab every year as you can see the future of the Lotus product line on the monitors in this room. Here are my highlights from 2009:

EditSpot: Web Office Editor

EditSpot has the tag line of "Document collaboration anywhere, anytime you need. The solution worked from a web browser on multiple platforms, multiple browsers, and on multiple devices like an Android device or iPhone. It has integration with Bluehouse/LotusLive which allowed a shape in a document to be tied to an Activity. Live Synchronization of page changes and annotations was seamless. ODF DOM support allowed for documents to become widgets for use in Mashups. It was even optimized for accessibility issues like screen readers. EditSpot also had multi-touch interaction.

Next Generation Lotus Mobile Collaboration Services

While the LotusLive Meetings Blackberry Client was shown in the Lotusphere2009 Opening General Session (and highlighted as my top pick of the OGS here), some other lab driven mobile solutions were being shown. A LotusLive "Store & Share" client for the Blackberry which allowed for document sharing, navigation thru documents, and viewing of images, documents, spreadsheets, and pdf. The LotusLive Contact Sync client looked just like another sync client, but with features that made me wish I had this now. Conflict resolution policies and privacy settings for filtering what gets synched in both directions. They were also showing LotusLive Meetings on an Android device.


Dandelion has to be the star of the labs. Dandelion is a web collaboration platform that uses the Lotus Symphony ODF to HTML convertor to allow for team building and editing of documents using seeds, or document parts. Dandelion is what every Lotus web product should have as it's document editing component. Wow. I want this now. Google what? Yes, it is that good.


Appearing for the second year, SlideRiver is a presentation collaborative tool. It allows a user to upload a presentation, but instead of tagging the presentation, it breaks it down to the slides. This allows other users, based on security settings, to build presentations using slides in the library. Presentations are built in both PowerPoint or Lotus Symphony. The best part is how it can apply a slide template design to all of the slides, no matter where they came from. This tool looks very mature and needs to ship! Can I have this now please?

Final Thoughts

The IBM Research Labs are well known for innovation. This year was no exception. If the lab is any indication, we are in for some exciting new products and features in the next couple of years.