Lotusphere2009 Chat with the Experts

January 22 2009

On Lotusphere2009 Day 4 (Wednesday), I had a chance to participate in the Chat with the Experts Press event. There were 5 tables with different technical team leads who were available for a discussion. I got to the event late due to it's overlap with my BP305 The Document Format Dance. When I got there, I went straight to the table with the core Notes & Domino team. Sitting at the table was Jeff Eisen, Chief Architect for the Notes Client, Sandesh Bhat, and Russ Holden, Chief Architect for the Domino Server. There was one member of the press sitting at the table: Volker Weber. Many of my readers might think I would want to head to another table, but I saw this as an excellent opportunity.  I sat down and just listened for a while taking in the surreal experience. I was there for about 30 minutes, asked a couple of my own questions, and learned a lot. As a 'blogger' I have much to learn and I saw this as a great chance. Volker asked great questions and kept the conversation moving. So thank you to Volker for that.

I asked two questions and wanted to share the answers.

1. What is your plan for achieving parity in the Notes client across all three of the desktop operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), including pieces such as the Lotus Connections Activity Sidebar plug-in, the Quickr Sidebar plug-in, the Lotus Symphony LotusScript and Java API LSX.

Jeff said that they want to get to parity with delivery of all of the core components coming at the same time. No delay for Mac or Linux with the Windows release. They were working on the issue and Jeff believed they could get there with time. There are some lagging issues like Java Applets on the Mac, but Jeff really came across as this was something he wanted done and was pushing it. One of the interesting things mentioned is that to achieve this IBM probably needs to put the Quickr Connectors into the core Lotus Notes client install. No time line for that to happen, but it was obvious it was on their radar.

2. Now that we have calendar federation and true calendar operability with icalendar feeds and ical files, when we will see calendar publishing.

Jeff and Russ both said they want to do this and many of the pieces to make this happen are there. The hardest part is making it happen with the required pieces such as policies to control this and a user interface to allow users to select what to publish. Again, no time frame or formal commitment but it was great to see it as a feature IBM wants to get into the product.