Lotusphere 2012 - My Sessions

January 6 2012

Lotusphere 2012 is here soon and you can find me doing the following sessions:

JMP304 Master Class: Integration in the world of Social Business
Speakers: Andrew Barickman, John Head
DL S. Hem IV -V - Sunday  10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Integration has remained a key skill in the Domino Developer toolkit since 1994. 18 years later, the Integration skillset comes to a head with the ideals of Social Business: modern web interface, social interactions, and mobile delivery. This session builds on top of the integration sessions of the past and highlights the master skills needed today. We will show how to integrate Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Domino XPages, and LotusLive applications with the tools on your users' machines spanning Microsoft Office, Microsoft .NET custom applications, Lotus Symphony, and more. We will examine how the ODF and OOXML standards are changing the integration story and bring integration to the web and mobile devices. Social interactions drive applications in a social business world and we will highlight how they fit when multiple integrations take place. This session will focus on how to build advanced integration that drives innovation and provides the best experience for your users.

BP107 IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage : The Social Business Edition
Speakers: John Head, John Beck
DL S. Hem II - Thursday  08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

Some organizations are neglecting or under-utilizing one of the greatest IT assets in their portfolio today - the Notes/Domino application platform. Some are even considering re-coding Domino applications in other languages and development tools. In this session we present the business case and technical merits of Notes and Domino in direct comparison to other tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. We will put application migration and new application development head to head. Based on data collected from real-world engagements we will demonstrate the positive return on investment of the Notes platform. We will also discuss an application modernization strategy and how it helps move customers from merely maintaining Notes applications to increasing their value with Domino XPages and advanced collaboration functionality. If your organization is considering a migration or is under using your Notes/Domino investment, this session is for you.

I will also be speaking about OpenNTF.org at SpeedGeeking:

GEEK101 SpeedGeeking! (web link)
DL Pacific Hall - Tuesday  06:15 PM - 07:30 PM

SpeedGeeking is back and promises to be as fun, loud, chaotic, and highly informational as ever. Enjoy jumping from one station to the next, while stopwatches, buzzers, and a loud-mouthed emcee keeps things fast-paced and on track!

See everyone at Lotusphere 2012!

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