Lotusphere 2011: Opening General Session

January 31 2011

Musical Guest: MASS Ensamble
Guest Speaker: Kevin Spacey

Alistair Renne - Get Social. Do Business.

Profound shift in how enterprises drive value. Cusp of a new ear of a relationship of business and technology.

Social Business Transformation - 2011 opportunity

Innovate. Outperform. Thrive.

Leading Social Business - BASF, CSC, KBC, AT&T, AFL, BC&BS of MASS, RBC, State Street .... exchange migrations count ...

Leveraging Social Software for Business Result

Capitalizing on Complexity
- Creative Leadership
- Mobilize for speed
- Collective intelligence

Technology Shifts
- Mainframe
- Departmental
- PCs
- Internet
- Social

early predictions always underestimate the size of the impact

Social Software - A decade of research and development

Social Businesses - Characteristics that make them successful
- Engaged
- Transparent
- Nimble

More Successful

Lotus Community
- it's about the people stupid

Think in terms of Outcomes
Define the playing field - Social Business Framework
New Generation of Solutions - Partners

Open Standards

Increase the depth of capability

Cloud deployment

Elegance and Simplicity

Smarter Planet - Social Business
Lotus enables People in the Smarter Planet

Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers

Hard Work and Experience
More enaged
more nimble
more experiences

We are the outliers of Social Business

Jim Balsilie - Co CEO of RIM

- truely supierior performance
- rich web experience
- security and manageablity

Customer Panel