Lotusphere 2010 : The unheard commitment to LotusScript by IBM at Lotusphere

January 20 2010

So there has been lots of talk from IBM this week to developers about how 'your skills are still relevant' and 'your applications will still be supported' - many times in multiple sessions (Nathan and I were keeping track of how many times Brent said "relevant" in the App Dev keynote! ). But I have also heard some of the developers asking about specific statements around the current tools and apis like LotusScript. "Will I still write LotusScript in Project Vulcan?" and the like.

But I just realized that IBM made a huge statement about the future of LotusScript just a couple of months ago. With Notes 8.5.1, IBM released a new integration API for Lotus Symphony - in both Java and LotusScript versions. We got 40 new classes around Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Lots of properties and methods. Sure, it's Lotus Symphony, but it's part of the core product. It was a huge level of investment to make this happen. The Symphony team is talking about how they are going to enhance it going forward.

Many are looking for a sign that IBM still believes in LotusScript. Here is a perfect sign and example of that commitment. Thank You Lotus Symphony