Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session Impressions

January 19 2009

Lots of people have blogged about the session details but I wanted to get some thoughts after the fact.

First, this is by far the best OGS that Lotus has done in years. The tone was right, the energy was high, the pace was great. All of the brands got about the same amount of time and the demos were quick and to the point. Well done IBM.

Second, I think they missed an opportunity to highlight the LotusScript editor coming in 8.5.1. All they had to do was have Ron show it and say it's coming and show the class library. That would have gotten a standing ovation and just lit up the room.

Third, I really like the new Lotus GM Bob Picchiano. You can tell the team working around him are soaking up his energy and passion. I can not wait to see him duke it out in the marketplace in 2009.

The funny thing about the OGS is that they did not need to cram in all the announcements as years past. They highlighted the new things coming in Quickr 8.2, Quickr Next,  Sametime 8.5, Sametime Telephony, Unyte, Connections 2.5, and the new Lotus Live engage product. But with three more keynotes to go, I am sure we will see far more details on what is coming in UCC, SASS, and Social Networking. I like this pace. It keeps people excited all week.

The blogger program was something interesting to be involved in. The bean bags at the front and the casual nature the tone set was something I have not seen at Lotusphere before. Besides the internet connectivity issues (which should have been figured out way in advance but were working on very hard to solve) I think it was a success. Personally, I would have preferred a desk to a bean bag - just so much easier to type for two hours.

The Blue Man Group was great ... but their band were amazing! A great group of three musicians. Dan Aykroyd was as funny as ever. Ending on the note of an IBM commercial with the Lotus logo in it was a smart decision.

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