Lotusphere 2008 - Let’s talk about Thursday Evening

October 19 2007

So one of my todos from last year's Lotusphere was to think about a better way to handle the community dinner on Thursday night. Last year, 40+ of us went to dinner at Shula's. Now, I really like it there. The problem was that we all expected to pay about $80. I think we ended up paying close to $200 per person. Now, no one is to blame ... but I think Kitty almost had a heart attack when she got the bill. And the line at the ATM was out of control.

So, I have been thinking about how to do this better this year. A way we can all hang out, interact, but do so in a way where we have better control of the price and do not piss off a restaurant by taking it over. So here is my first idea:

We rent of one the big rooms or hospitality suites at the Boardwalk. Leveraging my family that lives in Orlando, we can do a Costco run for beverages (water, soda, beer, wine, etc) and order food. Pizza or sandwiches or something like that. We set a price that everyone pays ... somewhere between $20 and $40 bucks. We can then spend the entire evening (and with Paul and Bill, most of the morning ... I will even make sure we get a bottle or 10 of sake Mr Mooney) celebrating the amazing week we just had. We can party and sleep on the floor. People leaving early Friday morning on flights can leave their bags in the room. Whatever. And we can handle more than 40 people.

So, what do we think? Thoughts, suggestions, comments? Let us not worry about the type of food at this point .. just the overall idea. Please link here and let's all chat. And maybe we can save Kitty from another reaction over a couple thousand dinner bill this year :-)