Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 gets IBM’s first collaborative editing in the cloud functionality with LotusLive integration

June 8 2010

It is a first release within a beta release of Lotus Symphony, so there is a lot of room for improvement. I would like to see:

  • auto-refreshing
  • a cleaner UI
  • the ability to launch to LotusLive directly from the sidebar plugin
  • Type-ahead support for the sharing dialog
  • Group support for the sharing dialog

and I think that if IBM really wants to compete with the other tools out there, there needs to be a LotusLive account that is free for users. Let them store documents and then be able to connect up to a paid corporate account. That will be a great solution.

IBM has also released an OpenOffice.org add-in that provides LotusLive functionality as well. I think this is a great move on their part - embrace the greater OpenOffice.org community as the same time as deepening the functionality in their own products.

Overall, this is a great first step. Lots of polish is needed, but I look forward to how this evolves as the Lotus Symphony 3 Beta continues.