Lotus Symphony 1.1 has Notes mail merge built in!

August 29 2008

After all of those years of asking, we finally have Notes .nsf based mail merge. This feature comes from Lotus Symphony 1.1 (which will be included in the final Notes 8.5 final release). Here is a screen grab

Image:Lotus Symphony 1.1 has Notes mail merge built in!

You can select any nsf file, and I selected a database based on the Notes Personal Name & Address book (Notes Contacts in Notes 8.X). It seems that it reads the Person document specifically, but I am already in the Symphony API and looking on how to build a mapping tool for custom contact forms in custom applications.

Thank you IBM for this first great step! We need envelopes, labels, and a complete mail merge automation API in the future, but this is the beginning and it looks great!

3 Responses to “Lotus Symphony 1.1 has Notes mail merge built in!”

  1. 1) David Leedy says:


    Is there an option in the New Symphony to "Save in Notes Database" or something like that?

    I don't think I can realistically push this to my organization without that....


  2. 2) John Head says:

    No David there is not. You could build an extension to do that easily. But a show stopper / roll out blocker? I don't buy it. You don't have that feature today in Office or OOO, so its not like you are losing anything by not having it. Nice to have? yep. Will it come? not sure. But not a deployment blocker to any organization I have chatted with

  3. 3) David Leedy says:


    The easiest way for me to try and get Symphony in our organization is to give it to our sales force who are remote users with laptops. They don't have Office now at all... just Notes and custom apps. Their laptops are locked down pretty tight and the only means of backing up any Office files is if I store them in Notes itself and rely on replication.

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