Lotus Products that are missing blogs

July 23 2008

So with the introduction of the Notes Design Blog, we now have 7 official IBM blogs (sorry Alan, you no longer count :) ) on the PSC external blog server. They include:

We also host IBM blogs for

Now, I know we are not the only place that IBMers blog, but we get a lot of the IBM products teams. But we are missing some:
  • Lotus Quickr
  • Lotus Protector
  • Lotus Foundations
  • Lotus Symphony
  • Lotus Traveler
  • Lotus Domino Document Manager
  • Project Atlantic
  • Lotus Forms
  • Lotus Web Content Management
  • Lotus Workflow

So while I am making a public offer to any of those teams who would like to start blogging to host their site, we should encourage all of these teams to blog wherever they decide to go. If you know anyone on these teams, please, ask them to start blogging. And feel free to point them to me to host.