Lotus Developer 2009 Sessions on-line ... and I will be presenting 3

February 2 2009

Image:Lotus Developer 2009 Sessions on-line ... and I will be presenting 3

I am excited to announce here on my blog that I will be doing three presentations at Lotus Developer 2009 in Boston on April 15th thru 17th, 2009. Get your taxes done early and come learn all about the Lotus product portfolio at Lotus Developer 2009 and Admin 2009.

Here are the sessions I am giving:

Integrating Lotus Symphony, OpenOffice.org, and Google Docs with Lotus Notes and Domino
Go behind the scenes of Lotus Symphony and OpenOffice.org and learn how the Universal Network Objects (UNO) API provides development opportunities for very customized integration with external applications and data sources. Get the lowdown on using the new LotusScript LSX for Lotus Symphony, and see how to build additional functionality into Notes applications that provide access to Symphony objects, such as using Notes as the data source for a Lotus Symphony document Mail Merge. Walk through integration of web based document tools such as Google Docs and investigate how AJAX and Web 2.0 technologies can be used in your Notes and Domino applications to enable document sharing with Google Docs for additional flexibility. Finally, examine the impact that Open Document Format (ODF) and Office XML (OOXML) will have on future integration opportunities.

Working Together: Microsoft Technologies and Lotus Notes and Domino
Take full advantage of your existing Lotus and Microsoft software investments with this session showing you how to integrate IBM Lotus Notes & Domino with Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Office, .NET, ASP.NET, and other server technologies. Dive deep into the custom application integration opportunities that will let you build integration never before possible, with Microsoft Project, Visio, and the use of Domino Web Services in custom applications with the Microsoft Server Platform Technologies. Explore Open Office XML (OO XML) and Open Document format (ODF) and how the Office 2007 standard format creates new integration solutions. Finally, walk away with real-word, in use applications that highlight mail merge and business process workflow that you can take home and use.

Integrating Microsoft SharePoint and Lotus Notes and Domino
In your own work environment, you need Notes and Domino and Microsoft SharePoint to work together, not go head to head. Whether you're an experienced administrator or developer, this session teaches you everything you need to know about integrating these two technologies. For the administrator, examine topics such as single sign on, user and group management, and more. Developers tackle topics like how to integrate Notes and Domino applications with SharePoint using .NET technologies with LotusScript, Web services, and much more. Plus, get a look at third-party software solutions that can provide integration out of the box. This session is recommended for people with some SharePoint experience - we will not cover the basics of the product.

The first two of these will be updated content from the Lotusphere JumpStart and Best Practices sessions. The SharePoint Session will be all new content that I have never shown at a conference before - so looking forward to that!

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