Lotus Developer 2007 Demo Databases

June 12 2007

All of the demo databases from my 3 sessions at last week's Lotus Developer 2007 have been posted. Please find them at the links below:

Unlock the Power of the Desktop with Microsoft Office/Lotus Notes Integration
Give your Notes users functionality and capabilities that they depend on including: mail merge, charting, exporting, pdf generation, and reporting all within a familiar interface. This session will provide you with a solid introduction to working with Microsoft Office as well as different uses of the unique Office Integration capabilities available to Domino developers. Learn new techniques to organize Mail Merges for the Personal Name & Address Book, chart any view with a single click. For those that prefer to use supported applications in their environment, we will review products that provide Office Integration to easy reporting and document generation. In addition, leave this session equipped with a functioning Mail Merge Application, a charting of any Notes View application, Office Template Management applications and a number of other sample programs you can use.

Demo Databases

Advanced Techniques for Microsoft Office/Lotus Notes Integration
Learn a number of advanced techniques and functionality to aid you in the integration of Microsoft Office into your Notes Applications. Build more custom web functionality and features into your applications using Microsoft’s Visual Studio.Net. Learn how to bypass the challenges and issues of translating Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to LotusScript. Discover how to integrate Domino XML, Open XML, and Web Services, into your Microsoft Office environments to more easily pass data and information between Notes and key Office applications such as Word and Excel. Also, explore the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) and learn how to utilize some of the advanced Addins available for Office 2007. Walk away with a Microsoft Office Variables to Constants application to help you in your translations between VBA and LotusScript.

Demo Databases

Extend the Functionality of Lotus Notes by Integrating with OpenOffice.org
Learn what it takes to quickly enhance current Notes Applications with new functionality including the ability to do: Mail Merges, Charts and Exports. See how easy it is to bolster your current applications using OpenOffice.org, a free open-source, multi-platform, and multilingual office suite and your existing skillsets. No advanced background in Java required! Follow the steps required to add a simple mail merge functionality to the Notes Personal Name and Address Book; also learn how to chart any Notes view with just a simple click. Walk through detailed demos that illustrate basic data passing, Mail Merges, Charting, and building a presentation file. This session will also prepare you for Notes 8 and the IBM Productivity Editors. Plus, take home a number of additional tools including a Mail Merge application, an OpenOffice.org Template Distribution System, a One Click Charting tool for applications, and a much, much more.

Demo Databases

These are a bit different than the ones on the conference CD as I had to deal with updates to both Office 2007 (patches) and OpenOffice.org (2.2.1). Enjoy

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