Knee Deep in MS Project Integration

July 13 2006

enTouch.project small.jpg

One of the many projects I am juggling these days is adding import and export to Microsoft Project to PSC's enTouch.project application. Besides Microsoft Visio, working with MS Project is one of the hardest applications to integrate with Notes. I find the API for MS Project to be quirky at best. Just creating a new, blank project is more work than it should be.

Today, what is driving me a bit batty is making the predecessors functionality in our application and MS Project synch up. I have to do a couple passes thru the data to get it all working correctly.

What this means outside of this client project is that I will finally have some great MS Project code to talk about in my Integration presentations. I will also be posting some of that on here for everyone to read. I am thinking of building an example that would export and import Tasks in a user's mail file into MS Project. That seems to be a demo that everyone could work with ... we all have a mail file. Any other ideas?

This will also lead me into my work with Microsoft Office 2007. I have already started to place with Open XML and all the new Office 2007 functionality. I plan on having all of my demos working on Office 2007 for Lotusphere 2006.