John Speaks 2010: 2 Sessions at IamLUG 2010 (in just two weeks!)

July 20 2010

User Group season is upon us and I am pleased to be speaking at the second installment of IamLUG. I have two sessions.

The first is an hour version of the two hour Lotusphere 2010 jumpstart entitled “Kum Bah Yah” Meets “Let's Kick Butt”: The Integration of IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino with Microsoft Office, .NET, and IBM Lotus Symphony:

Welcome to 2010, where Lotus Notes and Domino are just part of your corporate toolset. This session will introduce you to integration of Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 with Microsoft Office, .NET technologies,, & Lotus Symphony. We'll start with the basics and build up to mail merge, exporting to a spreadsheet, charting, presentations, and integration on the Web. Advanced topics such as Visual Studio Tools for Office, advanced development with C#, and integration with Lotus Domino Web Services are included. Integration with Xpages, Google Docs, Sharepoint, ODF, OOXML, and Windows Explorer will highlight the options available. Every sample is new or updated, so even past attendees will get something from this session.

Since this is a hour version, I won't do every demo that I did at Lotusphere ... and I added a couple new and updated ones. Expect a cash course in integration goodness.

The second session is a new one for me entitled Collaboration Agenda 2010 – Putting it to work in your company:

At Lotusphere 2010, IBM launched the Collaboration Agenda, a new go to market strategy. The Collaboration Agenda is about realizing measurable business value from improving the way people interact. This session will help you apply the Collaboration Agenda to your business, be it business partner or customer. First, we will introduce to you the industry focused model and review how it applies to your projects or customers. Second, a practical mapping of how the IBM Lotus technologies fit into Collaboration Agenda via repeatable solutions and success stories will enable your implementations and/or sales. Last, we will review how the competitors (Microsoft, Google, and other Web 2.0 technologies) would map in a competitive situation – giving you the information and tools to compete with your competitors (for partners) or respond to potential system replacements (customers). 2010 is going to be a year full of challenges and competitors – leave this session prepared to win!

A couple cool things about this session:

1. It's brand new content
2. I am speaking with Carlos Casas from TheRockTeam
3. We are going to cover Collaboration Agenda from the partner and customer view - not from IBM's viewpoint
4. We are going to compare this to what Microsoft, Google, and others are doing

You can also find me spending time at the PSC table in the sponsor section. Look forward to seeing you all at IamLUG 2010

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