"John Speaks 2007" - Irish Lotus User Group

February 19 2007


The first of many annoucments of the "John Speaks 2007" tour is the amazing Irish Lotus User Group in Dublin on May 24th and 25th. I am proud to be one of the speakers at the event, at the request of Paul Mooney, on the following topic:

Session: The Magic of Integration and the revealing of what's behind the curtain : Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus Notes and Domino integration

Microsoft Office 2007 and Lotus Notes 8 will bring a new level of integration possibilities to the Lotus Notes and Domino world. This session will look at the new functionality in Office 2007, such as the Office Ribbon and OpenXML file formats. We will discuss the impact on Mail Merge, data transfer, and how this will impact your applications and development.

We will also look at the updated Visual Studio Tools for Office 2007. This session will also look at Lotus Notes 8 and it's impact on integration. The session starts at the beginning ... and then dives deep into the integration possiblities.

While this sesison is mostly about the code that makes it work, users and managers will get detailed sample applications to take home and put to use immediately! In the end, this session will help you add value to your applications not possible without the magic of integration.

Looking at this schedule, this looks like a mini Best Practices track from Lotusphere 2007.

Paul, Eileen, Bill, Kitty, and Warren are kicking butt to make this event amazing! I can not wait.