John Speaks 2007 - Collaboration University on Notes & Domino 8

August 16 2007


I am delighted to announce that I will be speaking at Collaboration University on Notes and Domino 8 on the Notes 8 Productivity Editors. Rob Novak, President at SNAPPS and the organizer of CU, wrote this on his blog Lotus Rock Star yesterday:
Happy to announce that John Head of PSC Group in Chicago will be joining us in Kansas City for Collaboration University for Lotus Notes and Domino 8.  John's company is a Design Partner for Lotus Notes 8 and has significant expertise with Notes integration with office suites - SmartSuite, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice.  It is this last point of integration and the fact that OO-based editors are part of Lotus Notes 8.0 that makes John's participation in Collaboration University so interesting.  We're very happy to welcome PSC Systems as the fourth IBM Business Partner, rounding out the partner-driven event.  PSC Group joins BE Systems of Edinburgh, The Turtle Partnership of London and SNAPPS of Kansas City.

John will be presenting on the bundled Lotus Documents, Lotus Spreadsheets, and Lotus Presentations editors - everything from how they are best used to how to include them in mashups to programming and integration options.  He will also be available for attendees to discuss other Notes 8 integration questions.

I am excited about being able to do a focused presentation on the Productivity Editors that ship with Notes 8. It is going to be a good but long first year for users of the editors and I hope to make that process easier.

I will be speaking in Kansas City and Rob will be giving the presentation in London. Thanks for the opportunity Rob.