John Speaks - PSC Seminar with Microsoft "The Advantages of the Microsoft Office System"

April 5 2005

On May 5th, 2005, James Vaselopulos, Vice President of eBusiness and Collaboration, and myself will be talking about the Microsoft Office System and how to take advantage of it. The focus will be on how the Office System connects to a wide range of technologies, especially those that are not from Microsoft. Here is the marketing blurb:

Every day, businesses face an ongoing challenge of making a wide variety of software from many different vendors work together. With so much invested, making new software work alongside existing systems is an ongoing customer need. This means letting different kinds of applications and systems do what they do best, while agreeing on a common "contract" for how disparate systems can communicate to exchange data with one another.  This means learning how to interoperate more effectively.

Now is the time to make your desktop work even better with your other systems on the back end. If Microsoft Office is where you start and end your business day, why not make it your doorway to your other systems and the source of all your business information.  Join PSC Group’s information worker experts Jim Vaselopulos, VP of e-Business and Collaboration, and John Head, enTouch Frameworks and Development Manager, as they discuss the next generation of best practices for the desktop.  Listen to them describe how to take better advantage of your Microsoft Office desktop regardless of what’s on the back end.  Learn about the latest information worker solutions from Microsoft and how Microsoft Office System 2003 can help your teams become more productive, communicate more effectively, and help you and your organization realize its potential.

The seminar will be at the Courtyard by Marriott on 30 E. Hubbard in Chicago, Illinois. The event starts at 9:30 AM CDT. Anyone can register and the event is free!

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