Interesting Thought: Today I realized how far has come in a year

April 14 2010

Today while on the Notes/Domino Design Partner call, I realized just how far has come since IBM got involved and the Alliance was formed. I can't talk about what specifically IBM showed, but there are two great tools coming to shortly. It's not what they are that matters, its why they are going on

Before this past year, if IBM wanted to get something into the hands of the community, it had to go on Notes.Net or LDD or devWorks. That took time and there was lots of red tape. Now, with, once an attorney approves something, it can be made available for download and use. IBM can quickly prototype and try stuff out outside of the Notes/Domino release cycle. Heck, even the Quickr and Alloy teams are using it. Then, after seeing how popular it is and gathering feedback, they can decide to invest and include it in the box in a future version. This is great for IBM and for us.

It pleases me to see IBM embrace as well as they have. And with the changes we have put forth for community input, I hope we can get everyone else excited this year!

2 Responses to “Interesting Thought: Today I realized how far has come in a year”

  1. 1) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    John, there's no reason you can't talk about what you saw. The projects already exist on OpenNTF and are publicly visible.

    { Link }

    Philippe said they created the project for the other one, but looking on openntf, I can't find it. They must have named it something weird. Or he was mistaken. Either way, the fact of the existence of a performance profiler for Xpages isn't meant to be a secret. :)

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Fair enough Nathan, but I wanted to focus on how IBM was using vs the projects they were putting up there

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