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May 6 2008

Most of the time when I talk about Integra, I talk about the reporting and office integration with Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports functionality. At The View Admin 2008 / Lotus Developer 2008, Integra had a booth that I was pleased to help with. Talking with many of the administrators there, they really loved the Integra for Domino Administrators product.

Image:Integra Thought of the Week - Integra for Domino Administrators

Integra for Domino Administrators focuses on providing pre-made reports for Domino Administrator, allowing them to anyalze and report on their Domino infrastructure inside Microsoft Excel. It allows the administrator the ability to chart performance, statistics, and provide information to others in a graphical format.

Available reports include:
  • Access Control settings – audit ACL settings of users or groups across databases. Derive effective ACL rights of users and/or groups considering the user's membership in groups including nesting of groups. Identify orphaned ACL entries in databases for users or groups no longer used in the Domino Directory etc.
  • Administrative – audit the properties of settings & configurations such as connection documents, replication scheduled.
  • Mail settings & usage – report on mail file settings, sizes, templates
  • Analysis errors in Log files – generate activity and error reports from log files such replication errors, miscellaneous errors
  • Replication and Connections – audit configurations, replication traffic and errors
  • Agents analysis – assess what agents are set to run on which databases
  • People and Groups – reports of users and groups. Identify users and the groups they effectively belong to, including recursive nesting of groups.
  • Resource utilization – report on utilization of meeting rooms and resources.
  • Server Stratistics - generate reports and charts of server availability, CPU and memory utilisation, user load

What makes Integra for Domino Administrators different is that you can modify these reports. You can add your company logo, change the color scheme, or add or remove information you need or do not.

We had a chance to show the Integra for Domino Administrators for a popular Domino Administrator in the Lotus space. He loved what he saw and wanted a copy! I won't speak for him directly, but he is encouraged to comment here!

If you are interested in Integra for Domino Administrators, you can download a 15 day evaluation here or contact me at 800-592-8003.

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