Integra for Notes Personal Edition Announced ... FREE

January 16 2008

Image:Integra for Notes Personal Edition Announced ... FREE

Image:Integra for Notes Personal Edition Announced ... FREE

The word is out, and I am happy to be able to blog about the forthcoming Integra for Notes Personal Edition. Here are the details:

Integra for Notes Personal Edition is a free version of Integra which allows users to generate the following from their Lotus Notes personal address book contacts: Integra Personal Edition ships with a number of ready made letters and label formats as well as reports while also allowing the user to create their own mail merge letters, labels and Excel reports. These reports also allow users to simply create Excel pivot tables, graphs etc. from their personal address book contacts. Integra Personal Edition contains the functionality of both the Integra for Notes product, used for predefined reporting, as well as the Integra Quick Reports product, used for ad-hoc reporting to both Microsoft Excel and Word.

Integra for Notes and Integra Quick Reports are the market leading office integration and reporting solutions available for integration with both Microsoft Office as well as IBM Lotus Symphony.

Integra for Notes Personal Edition is FREE OF CHARGE and will be available for download from from Lotusphere 2008 onwards.

Integra for Notes Personal Edition allows easy determination of filtering conditions and sorting options at the time of running mail merges, labels and reports. Easily select contacts by Category, Country or Company through a dialog box at run time.

Integra Personal Edition enables the sending of reports as Attachments Notes Rich Text or Document Links and saving data back into Lotus Notes. Integra requires no installation and needs no intervention from the IT department. Simple deployment of the Integra for Notes Personal Edition database and it’s ready to run.

The full versions of Integra4Notes and Integra Quick Reports provide reporting from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Word, Excel and Lotus Symphony, enhancing printing, reporting and analysis of data contained within the Lotus Notes environment. They allow users, developers and administrators to generate reports from Lotus Notes and non-Notes databases without modifying the design of these databases and without the need to install files on local machines or servers.

The Integra product family provide the greatest depth and breadth of reporting capabilities for the Lotus Notes environment.

So what does this mean? It means that we are taking Notes and Office integration with the Notes Personal Address Book / Contacts and allowing users to do the things they expect ... Mail Merge, Labels, Mass Emails, and Export ... for free. I am really excited about this. I have always believed this should be built in functionality. Someday, it might be, but until this, Integra for Notes Personal Edition will bridge the gap.

In the past year, Integra and PSC have begun working together very closely. This relationship is about finding the best way for companies to find the best solution for integrating Notes and Office. There is still a place for custom development, but on top of a platform like Integra. Integra for Notes Personal Edition will be a way to introduce Notes customers to the Integra Platform.

You will hear more about Integra for Notes, and how PSC is working with them, at booth 710.

A short FAQ:

Q: Free?
A: 100% Free. It is locked so that it only works with the local names.nsf.

Q: Which Versions of Office?
A: Office 2000 thru Office 2007

Q: Which Versions of Notes?
A: Notes 6.5, 7.X, and 8.0.0 have all been tested ... I did that testing myself! :-) Windows only at this point.

Q: What about Lotus Symphony?
A: Integra is announcing Integra for Notes for Lotus Symphony at Lotusphere, but Integra for Notes Personal Edition will only support Microsoft Office at this time. Once Lotus Symphony matures, I believe it will be supported.

Q: When can I get it?
A: Shortly ... come to my sessions at Lotusphere on Sunday and Tuesday, or wait for the download to become available next week during Lotusphere 2008.