ILUG 2007 Presentation - the Lotus Geek Version

May 21 2007

I would like to take a moment and thank Rocky Oliver, our communities Lotus Geek, for stepping in to present my session on Friday afternoon at ILUG2007. Rocky and I have co presented on this subject a couple times. If I could ask for anyone to fill in my shoes, Rock is the man.

Due to a couple of limitations (like the version of Microsoft Office he has installed), he will not be showing two of the demos in the presentation. The Microsoft Project and XML and Excel demos will be skipped. What I will do for those users is to write blog articles about each one after the Lotus Developer 2007 seminar. This way you will still get the info. If anyone is at the session, please make sure to pass that information along.

Also, on Friday I will post the slides and demo file.

Thanks again Rocky ... I owe you one!