ILDDM ... sometimes it doesnt make any sense ...

December 15 2005

As you can tell by the location, I am at a client site this week. John Bigenwald and myself are out at a client working on a IDM Lotus Domino Document Manager project. We are working with the ILDDM API via LotusScript, but were having a problem this afternoon. We created a sample Library with demo data. The issue was thru the API, we could not get a collection of documents. We tried everything. Looked at security. Looked at database corruption. View indexes. You name it, we tried it. Then I went and did a google search.

Lotus Support Technote: Domino.Doc API Returns Only Documents That Have Attachments

Yeah, I feel dumb. We were creating demo documents for testing, and were just adding Rich Text content because it is much faster. Doh! Oh well, all is better now and the project is wrapping up very well. Great week out here in KC.

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