IBM - XPages puts more pressure on ...

June 20 2008

This is an open comment to IBM ...

After seeing XPages kick major ass in Westford this week, IBM has some work to do.

First, they need to get the LotusScript editor done in DDE. They know this, and I trust it will get done and in a reasonable time. But with the sex appeal of XPages, people doing anything with LotusScript are going to be jealous. They need to see that their toolset is expanding. The pressure is on to make this rock.

Second, DXL round-trip import and export is even more important. At least for the design element side. DXL is going to be an important part of our toolkit when it comes to making XPages apps that get resold by the BP and ISV community.

Last, the moment that XPages works in the client, the explosion of XPages applications will begin. And, it will help protect the Notes mail shops in ways like never before. If they do it right, it could also be the push to make Composite Applications and Expeditor apps really take off.

IBM has done outstanding work taking the Trilog technology, playing with it in Lotus Component Designer, and making it mature as XPages. The MR releases after 8.5 will be very important to extend this and really make XPages into the Notes & Domino revolution vs. the 'cool new technology in this release' that so many other things are. Please, do not fail us.

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