IBM: Please follow in Microsoft’s BPOS footsteps here ...

July 21 2010

I saw this on Karen Hobert's blog:

Microsoft showcased at the show this week a number of its partners who’ve already jumped on the BPOS bandwagon. To encourage others to start selling the suite, Microsoft announced that it will offer partners 250 BPOS seats for their own use.

You can read all the details on Microsoft's Partner Network page. Lots of fine print. For instance, here who is eligable:
  • Certified Partners
  • Gold Certified Partners
  • Microsoft Action Pack subscribers
  • Empower for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) members
  • Registered Members who have signed the Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreement (that is, who have enrolled in QuickStart)

So this is not available to everyone - you have to put some skin in the game to play. But, Microsoft is clearly saying to it's partners "BPOS is a big deal, go use it yourself, sell what you know" ... and I want IBM to do the same thing. I would like to see IBM offer complete LotusLive packages to every partner. Require some level of skin, but then give me access to every single piece of LotusLive. Not just Engage, but Connections, Meetings, Events, both web and hosted Notes email, and everything else. Enable me as a partner to use LotusLive every day. Then, when I get in situations where I am talking cloud solutions to my customers and prospects, I can show them how I do business every day. That will be far more compelling than any info you give me on a SalesTalk or any presentation you make available.

For the record, I don't care about issues people have with PartnerWorld or the Software option. Please don't pollute this post with that. But thoughts on if you are a partner and you would use this; and it would enable you to sell LotusLive better; are most welcome.

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  1. 1) Bill Dorge says:

    I'd have to agree with you on giving us access to all of it for use. We have the Engage product that we can use, but since it's not what we use for email, it's hard to get people to even accept the invitation.

    We do use meetings quite a bit, but the Events portion would be great, even if it was a limited number per month or year.

    Hate to quote Microsoft, but you almost have to be "All In" to really take advantage of all this stuff, or it just kind of sits there and does nothing.

  2. 2) Alan Lepofsky says:

    <sorry off topic>

    I can't help but giggle every time I read BPOS, because when I was in engineering that stood for "big piece of sh!t."

    </sorry off topic>

  3. 3) Sean Cull says:

    1) Its not a very high barrier to become a MAPS scubcriber - be an ISV and take one 60 minute online course

    2) I thought that all BPs were entitled to Lotus Live in any case - even without the subscription pack. There was a link posted on the BP forum and it was a very very slick process.

    { Link }


  4. 4) Keith Brooks says:

    John, I agree and have expressed a similar thought internally to that team already.

  5. 5) Mikkel Flindt Heisterberg says:

    Whole heartedly agree. When you look at how much benefit we A's a community get from bleedyellow it's hard not to think we would get the same level of benefit from a LotusLive account. There are ways to get the BP version but what I would love to see was my company on LotusLive using the directory sync options to make it a seamless experience for my users. It would also as John points out make it easier to sell LotusLive to customers. Showing a true on-premise mixed with clous solution would be killer!

  6. 6) Michael Sobczak says:

    The Business Partner I work for has a hosted application environment. We host several applications for our clients. What would be nice is if Lotus let BPs host LotusLive for their clients. I think Lotus tried to do that about ten years ago with LHMS.

  7. 7) John D Head says:

    Michael - LotusLive is an answer to Google and BPOS - why would a partner host it? That doesn't work in my mind. LotusLive is a huge server cluster with lots of functionality - I don't see that ever happening.

  8. 8) Erik Vos says:

    John, good point we pushed hard to get an extend trail (365 days) for business partners, and it worked. We need to do the same thing again !

    We use LotusLive iNotes and LotusLive Engage and LotusLive Events on a daily basis. And I fully agree with Mikkel, because we use it daily we can sell it ! To small and big companies.


  9. 9) Jack Dausman says:

    Absolutely. Unequivocally. IBM needs to pour on the gas for LotusLive and that requires full engagement with the BP community. This concern should be laid at the feet of Paul Culpepper.

  10. 10) Beverly DeWitt says:

    Hi John,

    IBM currently offers free 1-year accounts for LotusLive Engage (which includes the Meetings and Connections sevices) and a separate account for Meetings. iNotes accounts are coming in August.

    Unlike MS, our program is open to any IBM partners without any strings attached.

    We announced this at Lotusphere and I'm quite flattered that Microsoft is copying our idea :-)


    IBM Lotus Live Program Director, Partner Programs

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