IBM LotusLive October 2010 Announcements

October 4 2010

IBM held a LotusLive Briefing on Monday, October 4th to review the October 2010 LotusLive update that was being announced on October 5th, Here are some notes from the briefing:


Ed Brill
Sean Poulley
Brendan Crotty

Sean covered a couple of LotusLive Customer Stories

1. aatranslations
2. Signature Mortgage
3. SIT Group

Seamlessly working with people inside or outside the company

1. connecting 700 contractors to work as one team with global clients: Vondle Live & LotusLive
2. Reducing Loan-processing time from 7 days to 24 hours; Silanis eSignLive & LotusLive

Ed covered LotusLive Notes - 2nd release since August introduction
$5 per month, 25 GB mailbox
$10 per month, LotusLive Notes, LotusLive Meetings, LotusLive Engage
$2 per month for Traveler

- Hybrid model for Notes Client
- Notes Traveler Support added in this release

Other Oct 2010 features:

New Communities Features in LotusLive Engage and LL Conections

New Apps added to LotusLive in October 2010

- Tungle
- Vondle Live

Brendan than demoed the new features and apps.