IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Installer and Editor Component for Notes 8.5.x Ships

November 10 2010

So for everyone waiting for the Notes 8.5.X update installer for Lotus Symphony 3, your wait is over. Here is how you get it:

1. Go to PartnerWorld (partners) or PassportAdvantage (customers)
2. Search for Lotus Symphony 3 or the part number CRD8VML. You are looking for the eAssembly titled "IBM Lotus Symphony 1.3 and 3.0 for Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly"
3. Expand this
4. Look for the version for your operating system:

Image:IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Installer and Editor Component for Notes 8.5.x Ships
There is also something called the Add on Pack but not clue what that is :-)

Image:IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Installer and Editor Component for Notes 8.5.x Ships
Install and enjoy.

8 Responses to “IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Installer and Editor Component for Notes 8.5.x Ships”

  1. 1) Christer Eklundh says:

    But how do I get it installed with Notes 8.5.x. The installation wizard does not give you any choice...?

  2. 2) Ian Scott says:

    @Christer - I unzipped the update site then tried to install it as a plug in via File -> Application -> Install

    Unfortunately, when I tried to open a Symphony spreadsheet nothing appeared in the window/tab. After a few goes and a reboot the situation deteriorated and now the client hangs on the spreadsheet window/tab - whenever the client is restarted focus goes to the Symphony tab and the hang there causes the client to become completely unusable.

    I can launch Notes basic but not Notes standard.

    At the moment it looks like I am going to have to completely uninstall Notes 8 and then reinstall it and that is something I am not at all happy about!

  3. 3) Ian Scott says:


    By removing all the files in the features and plugins folders that were created during the install then restarting Notes, Symphony generated an error dialog that I could dismiss and Notes standard is now working as it should. My mood has lifted somewhat even if I haven't yet got Symphony to work (yet).

  4. 4) BigBearFreddy says:

    Great file names: ml.exe,, ml.dmg and oh nl.dmg again...

    How hard can this be...

  5. 5) Christer Eklundh says:

    I did a new clean Notes installation without integrated Symphony. Then I installed Symphony 3.0 as a plugin (File - Application - Install) The installation finished without any errors and I could start Symphony 3.0 within Notes. But I discovred same errors. The meny under Open where missing same stuff, spelling did not work and same anothers errors... :-(

    ÏBM - HELP!!!

  6. 6) John D Head says:

    I am having issues as well. I am traveling and won't be back in the office until Monday. I am going to work with the Symphony team to try and get this sorted. More when I have something.

  7. 7) Christian Herø says:

    This did not work at all. Installing the downloaded file installed Symphony as a seperate software package. The start splash screen says "IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Component".

    Extracting the from the .exe installer file and install this with "File->Application->Install" did work, the install process worked. After restarting the Notes client dictionaries are removed!! Now the bookmark bar aka "Open List" is missing shortcuts, menus are missing items as well. This broke my Lotus Notes 8.5.2 installation.

    Could I have misunderstood the meaning of this package release? Is it a release that installs the components you need if you already have Lotus Notes 8.5.x installed, instead of the stand alone software package.

    Is there three releases?

    Lotus Symphony 3 Standalone

    Lotus Sympony 1.3 Embedded in 8.5.x

    IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Component if you have already installed Lotus Notes, with embedded Symphony or not.

    To me this seems to be the case.

  8. 8) Christian Herø says:

    Got it working!!

    There is another package you must install to get Symphony 3.0 embedded. Product code is CZT5PML, and the package is called IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Add on Pack.

    I've downloaded this and installed it and it works.

    Now there should be a fix pack 1 for Lotus Synphony 3 that I must install..but where to get it in the Round Robin navigation logic at IBM's product sites....

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