IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 Plug-ins

June 8 2010

To go along with IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3, IBM has released a bunch of new plug-ins specific to this version:

  • LotusLive Connector : Links you to LotusLive by simple click
  • Mass Convertor : Batch converts MicroSoft Office files into odf format
  • Organization Chart: Generates organization charts in Lotus Symphony Presentations
  • Embedded SharePoint: Manages SharePoint server documents in Lotus Symphony
  • Media Wiki : Lets you write and publish your wiki in Lotus Symphony
  • Wiki Convertor: Converts Lotus Symphony Document to Confluence or Lotus Connections wik
  • Send to Mail: Automatically starts your default mail system to send your current document
  • Spreadsheet to HTML: Converts Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets into HTML files
  • Document to HTML: Converts documents to HTML files
  • Open HTML File: Opens and converts HTML files into Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets
  • FTP Document Management: Manages your FTP server documents in Lotus Symphony
  • Embedded Calculator: Does calculations without leaving Lotus Symphony
  • Document Editor: Searches for multiple keywords and lets you easily add comments

Some neat things to play with for sure - but expect a specific blog entry on the SharePoint plug-in shortly.

5 Responses to “IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 Plug-ins”

  1. 1) Wayne Sobers says:

    Unfortunately, version 3 does not include the ability to read Lotus 1-2-3 or WordPro files.

    I would love to test it out as the load speed is great and it seems better able to handle larger spreadsheets.

    Why alienate the Smartsuite users like that?

  2. 2) John D Head says:

    Because the number of folks using SmartSuite is very low. Office stopped supporting SmartSuite as well. So just load up SmartSuite and save them as doc/xls/ppt files and then open them anywhere else. In all reality, SmartSuite is dead. time to move on - and I am the biggest SmartSuite fan on the planet

  3. 3) Wayne Sobers says:

    How much effort is it to include *existing* code in the system to *read*, not write, *read* data files from applications that IBM effectively own?

    I give you props on your community contributions John, but that's a poor excuse. If anything the feature should be included to encourage and assist in the transition from Smartsuite to Symphony.

  4. 4) John D Head says:

    I asked, and it was a massive rewrite of the converters to get them to the 3.X and Symphony 3 framework levels. They plan on adding them, but they couldn't contain them in this release. I believe they are still in plan for a point release of Symphony 3. So it's not like they plan to not do it at all. And personally, there are lots of features in Symphony 3 I would take over SmartSuite support. It's such a niche support at this point.

  5. 5) Wayne Sobers says:

    Thanks for the update.

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