IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3 is Out!

June 7 2010

Just released today, you can find the release here.

The highlights of what is new in Beta 3:

What's New in IBM® Lotus® SymphonyTM 3 Beta3?
General Quality Improvements

  • Improved ODF file fidelity to better support processing files which were generated by previous versions of Lotus Symphony
  • Fixed key Mac OS specific stability, functional and usability bugs
  • Fixed Lotus Symphony Presentation table functional and usability bugs
  • Improved memory leak issue during long run of Lotus Symphony
  • Fixed additional bugs on general stability, function, usability and Microsoft Office interoperability
New Features
  • More VBA APIs are supported
  • Ability to customize toolbar content and layout
  • Enabled Sidebar panel management to show or hide sidebar panels
  • More sidebar pages and sections containing new property controlling
  • Spreadsheet cell appearance, including cell borders
  • Graphic
  • Word processor page settings, including margins
  • More sidebar panels in presentation editor
  • Color palette, eyedropper, image animation, and 3D effects
  • Enabled Live Text support
  • Enabled file encryption and password protection with Microsoft Word and Excel files
  • Support for "Open in new window." Users can use Command+~ on Mac OS and Alt + Tab on XP/Vista to switch windows
  • New clip art gallery
  • More template files
  • Enhancements in Accessibility support
  • Enhancements in BiDi localization support
  • Enhanced copy/paste interoperability between Lotus Symphony and Lotus Notes
  • Document header and footer function enhancements and usability improvements
  • Enabled multiple calculation in one sheet of the Lotus Spreadsheet editor, including mixed sort and filter, as well as multiple sort areas
  • Enhanced the usability in manipulating color property with new color picker controls
  • Fixed Audio/video related defects and enhanced the user experience
  • Enabled new progress bar to launch and load/save files
  • Refined main menu and toolbar contents
  • Enabled sorting instant filters in Lotus Spreadsheet
  • Disabled Autosave during Lotus Presentation slide show to avoid the unexpected interruption
  • Added one click link to LotusLive website on homepage
  • Various additional user experience enhancements
  • Significant enhancement in online help content and structure
IBM Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 Release Notes
  • Please refer to this link for Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 2 Release Notes

Key Bug Fixes
Symphony Forum defects
  • Japanese characters overlap with English characters which is caused by incorrect text parsing in presentations.
  • When the Lotus Symphony window is in front and active, the standard keyboard media keys on certain laptops do not work.
  • When opening a sample document which in essence is a XML Form document in Lotus Symphony, the contents are read-only.
  • The floating windows in Lotus Symphony go behind the main window when you move cursor focus to the main window.
  • Open any presentation document in Lotus Symphony. Resize the screen in the System Preferences, and then switch back to Lotus Symphony. You cannot click any elements in the editor.
  • The mouse cursor position is incorrect when using a secondary monitor on Mac.
  • In Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets,dragging a sheet tab does not work on Mac.
  • When you move the mouse pointer over one of the sidebar boundaries, it does not change to a drag or move pointer to show that the sidebar can be re-sized.
Language Related Fixes
  • If a document contains DIYMJ0120 font, Lotus Symphony crashes when opening the document.
Lotus Symphony Documents
  • When working in a multi-page document, the cursor may jump back to the first page.
  • Open a Microsoft Word document which has a table with text wrap around it, the table cannot be displayed correctly.
  • Create one document in ODF 1.1 format, which has grouped connector objects. Lotus Symphony crashes when opening the document.
Lotus Symphony Presentations
  • Open some presentation files which contain polygon graphics with line properties in Lotus Symphony. The polygon graphics cannot be displayed in screen show.
  • Create a presentation in Lotus Symphony and add some shape and connector objects.Then save the file and reopen it in Lotus Symphony. It's very hard to select the connectors.
  • Pie chart does not display when the Microsoft Office PowerPoint file is opened in Lotus Symphony.
  • Lotus Symphony crashes when modifying "Text Animation" to "Group text->As one object".
  • Insert a chart in Slide Master View, press Esc and close the file. Lotus Symphony freezes.
Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets
  • Empty line appears when deleting rows in DataPilot source area.
General usage
  • When you attempt to re-install Lotus Symphony of the same version, you will get an error message and cannot continue to install.
  • Paste an image from Lotus Notes to Lotus Symphony 1.3 document, and then save it. Open the document in Lotus Symphony 3 Beta 3,the image is invisible.
  • Lotus Symphony crashes when double-clicking to edit formula in an equation.
  • Create a file which includes a table on Mac, and then open it on Windows,the table becomes higher and out of the page.
  • Lotus Symphony cannot open the files with the name containing %20.
  • The pictures of link objects in Microsoft documents are lost when loading the documents in Lotus Symphony.
  • Lotus Symphony cannot be launched by the shortcut icon after upgrade with the Symphony preload icon displaying.
  • Lotus Symphony crashes when clicking Tools->Macros->Run Macros.

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