IBM just blew me away ...

August 21 2007

So, IBM just blew me away. They were showing us all of the extension points for Lotus Connections. Things like the Notes 8 sidebar, Microsoft Office extensions, and Notes 7 support. These are all things that are going to be on the Connections Catalog and are not tied to the release of the product. They plan to update them independently. This is a good thing.

Debbie Lynd of WIS and I were sitting with Dan Gurney. He was walking us thru the Notes 7 integration for Lotus Connections. He has built some great stuff here. It feels like you are using the built-in integration in Notes 8 for Activities (even if it looks a bit different). He also added profile and dogear integration. As he was walking thru his work, he talked about his toolbar. He talked about how he made the toolbar take the document context, load a dialog, and then do some actions. He showed this code:

@DbCommand( "AGENT"; "":"ilc4ln.nsf"; "(LaunchActivity)" )

While this was great, Dan then said that he wrote a DLL called ndbagent.dll. Since he is a good developer, he wrote it to work as follows:

@DbCommand( “AGENT”; “”:”database”; “agent-name” )

Debbie and I looked at each other. She was super excited. I was speechless. Dan, with approval from his boss, handed me the dll. WOW. Is this really IBM?

Think about it. You can call an agent, LotusScript or Java, from any database, on any server you can reach, and act upon the selected or open document. And IBM wrote the DLL for us. Unsupported .. but there.

Download the file here

It was great to see a team excited about doing Notes integration, who was not part of the Notes team. I have some bigger ideas on what I want to do with his stuff, but that will come soon.

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  1. 1) Vitor Pereira says:

    My I suggest you post it to your download section? ;-)

  2. 2) Vitor Pereira says:


  3. 3) Chris Toohey says:

    Awesome news all around John! As far as where to post the DLL - how about

  4. 4) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    Toolbar: @Command([Compose]; someDb; "callbackForm")


    Sub QueryOpen

    Dim ws as New NotesUIWorkspace

    Dim curDoc as NotesUIDocument

    Set curDoc = ws.currentDocument



    %END REM


    End Sub

    Wow... that was tough. :-P

    P.S: the Notes client is my bitch. :-)

  5. 5) Chris Toohey says:

    As long as you're not trying to do something in PostOpen... ;-)

  6. 6) Steve Castledine says:

    Dan's a top man John - I presume you were impressed!

  7. 7) Ferhat Bulut says:

    What about the Source Code ? Can you send me ? :))

    I now this method, DB Driver functions but if i can see source code, i will be very happy :)

    Anyway, thanks.

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