IamLUG 2010 - Thoughts

August 5 2010

Another IamLUG is complete and people are back home. In it's second year, IamLUG has taken on it's own identify very quickly. Smack in the middle of the year, it acts as a true bridge between Lotuspheres. Great content, great people, and great interaction. The days of being up to 4 am at Lotusphere seem to have changed into staying up until midnight at IamLUG. But I find the mixing of the long term community folks with first time attendees at any event to be better at IamLUG than anywhere else. I got asked more questions away from the sessions or the PSC sponsor booth than I think I have ever before.

The entire IamLUG team is to be given a standing ovation. Chris Miller is the ringmaster but he has an amazing support team behind him. IamLUG is run super smooth and that takes a lot of people. The only complain I heard was some issues with the wifi and bandwidth on Tuesday  and let's be real, not much the IamLUG team can do its a hotel issue. When people complain about an air conditioner being too loud, a room is too cold, or the live stream is too slow - some folks just need to find something to complain about :-)

What I really like about IamLUG is that it gives me a place to try out new content that typically would not get a first run chance at an event like Lotusphere. It is many of the same speakers and in the same style, but without the IBM process. I got to give a session with Carlos Casas of RockTeam talking about the IBM Collaboration Agenda and how it effects customers and partners. It was great to speak with someone I have never spoken with before and do something new. No code, just ideas, reflection, and sharing. Not sure this is the specific topic I want to speak about going forward, but type of session is something I want to focus on.

To to Chris and the IamLUG team, thanks again. St. Louis may have had a heat index of 120 Tuesday, which I just find miserable, but everything about IamLUG was cool. See you next year!

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  1. 1) Chris Miller says:

    Myself and the team thank you for speaking, sponsoring and just plain coming down. Drawing known names is one thing, but having them sit and be part of the community that never can get to Lotusphere and more is the most important part.

    Thanks again and I must go sleep now.

  2. 2) Carlos Casas says:

    It was a pleasure to speak with you, John. The Collaboration Agenda has been a practice of ours for many years and to see it as part of an approach with IBM was refreshing to us at The RockTeam. Take care.

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