Honored to be elected to the new OpenNTF.org board, but with a change

October 17 2011

Image:Honored to be elected to the new <a href=OpenNTF.org board, but with a change" border="0" src="honored-to-be-elected-to-the-new-openntf.org-board-but-with-a-change/content/M2?OpenElement" />

As announced here, I was one of the nine member directors voted to the new Board of Directors for OpenNTF.org. I will be serving for another two years. There is one slight change. I let the former BoD know that I would not seek placement at Intellectual Property Working Group Chairman. That role was something of a roller coaster. While the newly created OpenNTF, Inc. is the outcome of a combination of efforts, it was mostly done by Bruce Elgort and Peter Tanner. I was not able to spend the time needed to organize everything needed on the IP and corporate side. There were also a few too many IP issues that boiled up, and part of that reason is probably my reaction to them. So I am going to step back from that role and let someone new bring their talents to it. Looking forward to working with everyone on moving OpenNTF forward!