Honored to achieved my first major sales milestone - PSC 2011 Big Hitter Award

February 13 2012

Image:Honored to achieved my first major sales milestone - PSC 2011 Big Hitter Award

As much as I have tried to hide it and deny it, the past two years has professionally about my journey from technology consultant to business development. It has not been the smoothest transition. Heck, I even fought it for a year mentally. But last year was the turning point. I hit my stride, accepted my new role, and was able to turn connections into relationships. Last evening, as a great PSC Group event to celebrate and kick-off 2012, I was awarded with a very humbling award. The above photo is the end of a Louisville Slugger bat engraved with the PSC Big Hitter - 2011 award. I sold more than a million dollars in services last year. This happened even with two months of being sidetracked as I dealt with Dad's passing. Thanks to everyone at PSC Group who helped make this possible - especially Andrew, Rick, John and all of the kick ass consultants who worked on the projects I closed. I am surrounded by one of the best groups of technologists in the business. They make the ideas that I sell happen. Here is to a great 2012 and reaching for the next milestone!

7 Responses to “Honored to achieved my first major sales milestone - PSC 2011 Big Hitter Award”

  1. 1) Bruce Elgort says:


    Congatulations on achieving this milestone! I admire the way you have transformed yourself as you describe in the post.

    Here's to doubling sales for 2012!

  2. 2) Stuart McIntyre says:

    Congratulations John. Seriously impressive!

  3. 3) Ben Langhinrichs says:

    You should be rightfully proud. It is difficult to transform yourself that way, and to do so and hit the ground running, especially this past year... wow!

    Congratulations to you, and to PSC for having you in their circle.

  4. 4) Jason Hook says:

    That's a very tangible measure of how successful you've been in your change of role. It speaks volumes about PSC also. Congratulations and best wishes for continued success!

  5. 5) Andy Donaldson says:

    Congrats, John!

  6. 6) John Head says:

    Thanks everyone ... appreciate it.

  7. 7) Werner Motzet says:

    congrats 2 you.

    You are on the right way.

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