Hey Lotus SmartSuite, thanks for the career!

October 15 2014

So I was remiss on blogging about the death of Lotus SmartSuite, but I am basically here because of it. I need to give it some proper due.

Back in 1993, I picked up my first copy of Lotus Ami Pro 3.0 and my technical career started. I then moved on to Lotus SmartSuite, Word Pro, and the other apps. I became the go to person for intergration of SmartSuite with other products. I got to speak at Lotusphere - and Lotus Europe in Berlin. It led me into working with Notes, integration, and so much more. It took me from Artron to Boom Vang. Synergistics hired me because of the mail merge work I did. PSC hired me mostly because of my Notes work, but we did plenty of SmartSuite. I was proud to host the SmartSuite developers website, write magazine articles, and be quoted in the press.

So it's death is sad. I will miss the best macro langugage in any app ever (hello Ami Pro). The amazing divisions and subdivisions in Word Pro. The flaming trash can in Organizer. The vastly overlooked Fast Site. And the power of the Lotus SmartSuite toolbar and drawers that no one ever figured about.

Here are a few photos of things I still have around that highlight my fondness of Lotus SmartSuite. I just can't let go of the memories :-)

My 'Lotus Team' certificate from 1995 - back from the Compuserve days ...

Image:Hey Lotus SmartSuite, thanks for the career!

Interactive Week article about Lotus FastSite in which I was quoted, from April 6th, 1998
Image:Hey Lotus SmartSuite, thanks for the career!

"Developing SmartSuite Applications using LotusScript" manual from IBM which has a bunch of my code.
Image:Hey Lotus SmartSuite, thanks for the career!

Thanks SmartSuite!